Great childcare money tip for moms: returns to cover costs

Great childcare money tip for moms:usingtax returns to cover costs

Right now the cost of childcare around the U.S. is rivaling the cost of college tuition. Under these new standards parents would have to start saving for childcare years before the kids are even a twinkle in in their eyes. Check out some of the following guidelines including using some of your tax return to drive down costs.

Compare costs in your area

Cost of day care and more specifically infant care can be very expensive depending on which city in the United States you are located. Check out Childcare Aware’s map of childcare costs across the country to evaluate and compare costs in your area. Even when daycare in your area is affordable – dual working parents, single parents, and especially healthcare workers with night shifts often find daycare is not flexible enough to work with their more complicated schedules.

A Growing family will double or triples costs

Every time parents decide to have another child they also naturally decide to double the price of childcare for their family. After two, three and four or more children, childcare can be pretty pricey. In the case of a daycare costs for example wouldjump from $1,000 a month to $2,000 or $3,000 a month with the addition of more children. Unlike every other form of childcare, however an Au Pair will cost the same no matter how many children a family has.

Au Pairs more affordable than most nannies

While Au Pairs can often be the more affordable childcare choice, the upfront costs of getting the Au Pair into the United States is always more expensive. When families use their tax return for the upfront costs, the only thing they have to worry about after that is the $7.85 an hour to pay the Au Pair for their 45 hours of live in childcare. The Au Pair can do the kids laundry and make their meals and work the more complicated childcare shifts, like evenings and weekends.

After researching costs of childcare in your area, and averaging out costs per child, parents may want to consider putting your tax return towards an Au Pair to get a jump start on their childcare, so they can save for the next more expensive piece to having children: college tuition. Families who have used Au Pairs have been pleasantly surprised how affordable Au Pair childcare is in comparison to daycare or nannies.

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